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Before you hit the download link...

If this is the first time you are downloading archaeoDox, you will have to walk through some primary steps, before you can use the application. An existing installation of postGreSQL is a requirement. After you have installed postGreSQL, you will have to create a database and import this schema.

If this is the first time you have to install a postGreSQL-Database-Server or have any other trouble with the installation process, you might want to get help in the archaeoDox forum, or ask an IT professional for help.

By downloading the software or any part of it from our servers, you agree that you accept and understand the following:

The software is provided AS IS without any expressed or implied warranty. Unless you are in a support contract with derbrill IT-service, any service provided to you by derbrill IT-service is given to you voluntariely. There is no means to enforce that derbrill IT-service takes any responsibility to whatever happens with your machine or data. We are pretty sure our software will not cause your computer to explode, but it has to be said. Keep in mind: there is no software that is bug-free. If you find a bug in the software, please report it and we will see that we get it fixed.

archaeoDox Client - latest stable release: 3.1.1

Like with any previous version, please download the .zip archive of archaeoDox that fits your system and make sure you unpack it to a place of your liking. It is crucial that you keep the folder structure intact! Otherwise the archaeoDox executable will not be able to find libraries it is depending on.

Please make sure that your machine meets the following system requirements:

Supported systems:

Win 7 and higher, at least 8 GB RAM, 20 GB HD space.
(Win XP and Vista will work, however are no longer officially supported)

Download archaeoDox CE Client for Windows

Apple Macintosh:
Mac Os X.7 and higher on INTEL based machines.
(Mac Os X.6 might work, but has neither been tested, nor is it officially supported)

Download archaeoDox CE Client for Apple Macintosh


2.4.x or later kernel
X11R5 capable Xserver running locally on a 24-bit display
glibc 2.3.2 or later
gtk/gdk/glib (optional – required for native theme support)
pango/xft (optional – required for pdf printing, anti-aliased text and unicode font support)
lcms (optional – required for color profile support in JPEGs and PNGs)
gksu (optional – required for elevate process support)
Note: The optional requirements (except for gksu and lcms) are also required by Firefox and Chrome, so if your linux distribution runs one of those, it will run the client.
Note: If the optional requirements are not present then the client will still run but the specified features will be disabled. The requirement to run with 32-Bit compatibility layers, or on a 32-Bit installation have been lifted with version 3.0. We now make both 32- and 64-Bit binaries available.

Download archaeoDox CE Client for Linux (32-Bit)

Download archaeoDox CE Client for Linux (64-Bit)

archaeoDox Server - latest test release: 0.7

The download of the server component is not yet available for the community. It will be made available in due course.

Availability of sources...

You can download the liveCode project here. We are still looking for a way to make the sources available in a more convenient way, however, using liveCode will remain a requirement.